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Customer Reviews

Sunny J.
Sunny J.
TransForce Group
“ The book ends! Beginning and ending our meeting with the enlightening words from Klifton was what we all needed. I felt reinvigorated and reaffirmed. Klif helped me see that my leadership matters not only to my direct work family but also to the rest of the leadership team. I appreciate the safe space he provided to discuss challenges, fears, and strengths. It is always great getting to spend time with Klif. ”
Amanda A.
Amanda A.
" It was easy to develop a relationship with Klifton due to his open and non- judgmental attitude and presence. Comfortability is so important when working on your strengths and weaknesses and spending time on bettering yourself as a leader; he never shied away and always redirected in a positive manner. I recommend taking the time to work closely through his steps, suggestions and projects that will ultimately help to make a better you! "
Eric C.
Eric C.
CCG Tech
" What are the benefits of having these conversations with my executive coach, Coach Klif?
Biggest benefit for me is that it makes me think outside “the box” and also see it from other peoples perspective. I feel clarity and greater direction.
What would you say about blind spots and what that potentially cost your organization?
It definitely cost us money because we may have otherwise not lost talent that we needed to keep. It is probably making it harder for us to get talent that we need and that makes it hard for us to be able to get work support for our customers and ultimately make revenue. Basically if we don’t have the right people or enough engineers, then we’re turning down work and customers are going somewhere else to get their services.
What do you need to change to address these blind spots?
Well, I think we need to do a better job of our benefits package. I think we’re getting there, but we still have some things to improve in the benefits package. We need to have a more active training program so that we can develop the people we having and I think that will also attract new people as well. "